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The key feature of the Storth system is our selection, after many years of research, of the very best rope. Through many years of research, Storth has developed a rope system which is unrivalled by any competitor due to using the right Rope. The Pro Rope is described as “the world’s strongest fibre”, which is used in many industries including Military and Off Shore Drilling Rigs. This gives the backbone to the Pro Rope System. It is hard wearing and so needs less maintenance. The system is simply run by two winches; one pulls the rope onto the drum whilst the other pulls off. This is a quiet and simple system, has low running costs, and is very easy to operate.

The Storth Control Panel

The Storth Control Panel allows complete flexibility to this scraper system.

The Panel has 24 automatic sequences available to set as per individual needs. The park position can be programmed to be anywhere in the passage.

Winch Units

There are two Storth Winch units which are available. Both utilise the same tried and trusted running components for reliability and longevity.

A pedestal mounted version which keeps the unit away from debris and possible damage from or injury to animals. This has a galvanised pedestal for improved corrosion resistance.

Our floor mounted unit is fitted away from livestock area and so is more easily accessible for maintenance.

Above Ground Winch Unit

The system is simply run by two winches; one pulls the rope onto the drum whilst the other pulls off. This is a simple system and quiet in operation with low running costs and is very easy to operate.

Pro Rope Scraper Blades

Storth Pro Rope scraper blades are manufactured to a wide range of sizes to suit individual passage widths.

Manufactured with 8mm steel and a galvanised main beam to give a long life cycle.

Corner Pulley Boxes

Corner pulley boxes are manufactured from 6mm steel before being galvanised providing maximum protection to the inner pulley.

These pulleys are cast from high grade steel with a hardened inner bush, allowing smooth rotation on the centre grease pin.

Floor mounted and vertical corner pulley boxes are available to suit your requirements.

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