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Model Pro Series - Hover Trimmer


The H­­over Trimmer is suitable for both the commercial and domestic markets. Thanks to its hovering technology, back strains and pulled muscles are a thing of the past. A cushion of air allows the Hover Trimmer to literally glide through tough work effortlessly. The entire unit becomes almost weightless, making it easy to maneuver and operate. String trimmers cut smaller areas, require constant string replacement, and leave clippings behind. But the Hover Trimmer takes a fraction of the time to cut a larger area, doesn’t require blade replacing and mulches the clippings into small particle fertilizer for your yard, leaving nothing behind to be raked up.

The Hover Trimmer fits most gas-powered string trimmer shafts without the use of special tools; however, the Pro Series does require at least a 25cc engine to perform well. It fits onto the stick part are your string-line edger, and allows the operator to cut a large area of ground with less effort and fuel consumption.

APPLICATIONS: slopes, water banks, walkways, gravel pathways, high-grass and thick-weeded areas, shrubbery. Reeds, small bamboo, and thick brush are not a problem!

  • SAVES YOU MONEY! There’s no need to purchase a new machine when the Hover Trimmer fits most gas-powered stick edgers. Once the blades reach 5000 rmp, the unit’s fuel consumption drops by nearly 99%. It replaces the edger, hedge clippers, and mulcher.
  • SAVES YOU TIME! This unit cuts more area in more places than a stick edger. Plus, there’s no need for a continuous blade change. Simply sharpen the blades before each use. The head also mulches the cut leaves and grass, so you’ll never rake or bag.
  • SAVES YOU EFFORT! The Hover Trimmer glides on a cushion of air generated by the dome and blades, and the unit becomes virtually weightless, relieving you of back strain and stress. It makes cutting hillsides and slopes a breeze.
  • NO SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED! The Hover Trimmer comes with everything you need to attach and maintain the cutting head.

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