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Model Pro-Stance Float Deck - Stand On Mowers


Standing above the work, you’re in total control. You have a clear line of sight, which extends your reaction time. Comfortably standing also makes it easier to shift your body weight from side to side significantly increasing stability.

  • Cutting Widths - 48', 52' and 61'
  • Dual Deck Lift Controls - This allows you to raise the deck with either a hand lever or foot lever, ensuring ease of operation in all mowing conditions.
  • Integrated Transmissions - The low center of gravity created by the use of integrated transmissions provides confidence on slopes and uneven terrain, and the reduced leak points eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Dial-Adjust Height-Of-Cut - Provides easy concurrent changing of the deck height at the control panel without stepping off the machine.
  • Improved Operator Presence Controls - The larger diameter handles, adjustable speed bar and reverse index bar provide comfort and stability while operating this unit.

  • Flip-up suspension platform with isolators guarantees all day standing comfort and allows you to easily convert this stand-on to a walk-behind.
  • Kawasaki® and Kohler® EFI engine options
  • 3 Year Engine Manufacturer Warranty

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