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- Model Pro-Til 3 - Sub Surface Strip Tillage Drill Cultivator


The Mzuri PRO-TIL one-pass strip tillage drills cultivate a uniform till and place the seed at a controlled depth providing the ideal soil environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow to achieve its full potential.

Strip tillage involves only cultivating a targeted area and leaving the crop residue on the surface between the tilled strips, retaining moisture and organic matter to improve the soil structure and fertility.

The strip-till tines and wheels are alternately staggered to give ample space for trash to flow through. The coulter units are each connected to a balanced pressurised hydraulic system, which ensures an even soil pressure to each of the rear wheels. This controlled pressure ensures an accurate seed depth and excellent soil-to-seed contact.

The PRO-TIL is specifically designed as a single pass ‘stubble to seed bed’ drill, however it is equally at home with inversion systems. Being so versatile, whether drilling directly into stubble, minimally tilled land or even after the plough, makes the PRO-TIL the ideal machine to simplify the transition towards permanent direct drilling.

The metering unit simply consists of a variable speed electric motor and a gearbox driving a specific seed roller. A selection of seed rollers is provided to suit all seed types. Calibration is straightforward and accurate, simply push an electric button, then weigh collected seed and enter the amount into the control panel.

The RDS Artemis provides on-the-move seed rate adjustment plus all of the normal essential seed drill control and monitoring functions.

  1. Auto reset front tines
  2. Variable seed metering unit
  3. Two row sowing coulter (150mm)
  4. Hydraulically driven fan
  5. Seed flow monitors
  6. Hydraulic bout marker
  7. Adjustable pressure harrow – hydraulically operated
  8. Semi-pneumatic seed packer
  9. RDS Artemis drill management
  10. Independent pressurised seeding arms coupled with adjustable wheel for very accurate seed depth across the field

  • Working Width 3m
  • Transport Width 2.95m
  • Hopper Capacity 1200 Ltrs
  • Optional Dual Hopper -
  • Row Spacing 33.3cm
  • No. of Coulters 9
  • Minimum Hp required 180
  • Working Speed km/hr 6 to 15
  • Format Linkage

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