Process Control System



The balance between temperature, relative humidity and ventilation is important for drying and storing arable farming products. This demands constant measurement and regulation - Agratechniek offers reliable process-control technology. Experience of users: the more advanced installations are found to be the most efficient in practice. Agratechniek designs and installs both simple and advanced installations for process control.

Time switches
Electronic or mechanical time switches are used to schedule the switching on and off of ventilators.

Differential thermostats
Storage rooms that are cooled with air from outdoors have differential thermostats for the reliable control of the air conditioning system.
The operation of the thermostat is based on:

  • a preset product temperature
  • the desired difference between product temperature and outdoor temperature
  • the measured product temperature
  • the measured outdoor temperature

Various possibilities:
type TC : on/off cooling control, without hatch operation
type ET: ecotherm, this type automatically selects cooling with the aid of the air from outdoors wherever possible, but if the temperature is too low (i.e. if there is a risk of damage to the product), it switches automatically to a mechanical cooling method/ the desired temperature is very easy to set and to maintain / the settings range from -10 to +30ºC.

Climate-control computer
A reliable advanced climate-control computer automatically ensures that the arable farming products are stored in the best possible condition.
A climate-control computer offers more facilities than separate time-switch and thermostat regulation.

With the aid of the climate-control computer, arable farmers can realize the following, for example:

  • correct product temperature
  • temperature control in the air ducts
  • good internal ventilation
  • control of relative humidity
  • control of CO2 levels.

Control facilities with the climate-control computer:

  • controlling ventilators (running times and frequencies)
  • controlling inlet and outlet hatches
  • controlling cooling
  • controlling heating
  • controlling humidification
  • controlling anti-condensation ventilators.

6 phases, the principle behind the climate-control computer program
The operation of the climate-control computer is based on the 6 storage phases that occur in arable farming:

  • drying
  • healing blemishes
  • forced cooling (especially for onions)
  • cooling (especially for potatoes)
  • storage
  • heating.

Optimum control conditions are realized in close consultation with Agratechniek’s advisers. Our recommendations involve customization, however simple or advanced your system may be.

PC control: linking the climate-control computer to existing PC systems increases your control and regulation facilities.
Climate-control computers increase the reliability and contribute to realizing the intended product quality.

Sensors are indicators of the climatic conditions, and we set high criteria for their reliability. The following sensors are used:
Temperature sensors

  • for room temperatures
  • for product temperatures (sensors are available in various lengths) relative humidity sensors
  • for the air both outdoors and indoors, range to 100% combisensors T/relative humidity
  • combined measurement of temperature and relative humidity CO2 sensors
  • monitoring CO2 concentrations

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