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- Model C8 - Silica-Based Sorbents



ProElut C8 is very similar to the C18 phase, but has a shorter chain. This makes the phase less non-polar than C18, leaving non-polar compounds less retained by the sorbents. In this case, those compounds retained too strongly on the C18 can be effectively eluted if you choose the C8 phase. In addition, the C8 phase for polar interaction is somewhat higher than C18 because there is less coverage of the silica surface. However, this polar interaction is not the main characteristic of C8 phase.

Base material: Spherical silica, Particle Size: 50 μm, Pore Size: 60 Å .Specific Surface Area: 500 m2/g

  • Endcapping: Yes
  • Carbon loading: 11%
  • Retention mechanism: Reversed phase

For reversed phase extraction of non-polar to moderately polar compounds, such as antibiotics, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, caffeine, drugs, dyes, essential oils, fat-soluble vitamins, fungicides, herbicides,pesticides, hydrocarbons, parabens,phenols, phthalate esters, steroids, surfactants, theophylline, and water-soluble vitamins.

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