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- Model 80/100 - Mounted Hydraulic Boom



For the last but not the least of the range, PROFARM is the sprayer for small and medium farms. Tanks’ ranging from 800 to 1000liters, hydraulic “COLIBRI” spray bars from 12 to 18m wide and electric closing of the spraying, PROFARM has all the qualities required to be an efficient partner on your farm.

With its original design, PROFARM learnt from his bigger brothers. With complete hydraulic boom functions, you drive you sprayer without getting out of the cab. The rising/lowering, opening/closing of the spray bar whether it’s ½ width, 3/4 of the width or the whole width: it’s your decision to make the right choice. Peacefully seated in your cab, you operate the general opening and closing of the sprayer but also the different sections. For the implementation, simple, act on the working pressure directly from your seat. For even more precision, if you wish to know your application rate, choose the VERISTAR regulation and just read the indications from your dynamic regulation.

PROFARM is fitted with all the equipments which aim at respecting the environment. With the rinsing tank (100liters), no hoses in the tank, induction system of phyto product fitted with a rinsing container system, tank cleaning system, spray bar rinsing unit, dilution of tank bottom etc… PROFARM eases your life.

At an ergonomic level, PROFARM is not in rest.  The working post is large and user-friendly. It is composed of a large diameter induction, an assistance system INFOVAN to help you with implementation and with a quick access to filters and maintenance. Thanks to the INFOVAN, you know the whole set of functions realizable by this sprayer. It indicates you on the good positioning of the valves and informs you on the PTO rpm to adopt: you are in security with PROFARM.


Stability and efficiency: all hydraulic

Every boom control is hydraulic. The rising/lowering, opening/closing of the arms and the slope control can be handled from your cab. The COLIBRI boom range has a Dynamique pivot flexible boom suspension for stability in every land. The spray bar is suspended on nitrogen balls and associated to a lifting ram. This part is linked to the frame by a guidance mat.

The booms’ shape protects the nozzles against any shock, CARUELLE fitted the COLIBRI boom with a two-directional security system with an automatic return to insure your boom a good durability in time.


PROFARM offers you a simple spraying

From its design, we have concentrated our efforts on its simplicity of use and functions performance. PROFARM helps you to realize a efficient and clean spraying.

Every environmental function is available: boom rinsing system, tank cleaning system, bottom tank dilution and the 120 liters capacity clean water tank. Moreover, all the accessories have a direct access and are simple to use: incorporation, can washing system, outside suction, filter cleaning.

INFO’VAN: clear and simple

  • Visualization of the different feasible functions
  • Selection on the function to realize
  • Visualization of the PTO rpm
  • No mistake is possible,  the valve positioning is indicated on the layout


Strong from its knowledge, the ARCA diaphragm pump from CARUELLE is built to stay. The pistons are isolated from the phyto product you’re spraying which means it’s not in contact with rust. The diaphragm developed by CARUELLE assisted with oil helps lubricate the pump but also to avoid piston strokes.

The diaphragm pumps have the advantage of being volumetric, a benefit when you’re using air injection nozzles.
Moreover thy can run dry, there reliability and longevity are even bigger.

For more comfort, our pumps are self-priming: finish defusing with an empty tank or while filling.


CARUELLE masters all of its painting chain, from the blasting to the finishing touch, which allows us to bring you an implement resistant to weather conditions and to the spread products.
The tank is made out of 12mm thick polyethylene to last in time. It lies on a smooth materiel which is fixed on the frame to absorb every shock and vibration.
Anxious to preserve the environment, CARUELLE designs implements that allow you to insure security users but also for your working environment, the company managed to fit a overflow pipe which brings the phyto product at the other end of the sprayer for your safety.

To help you improve the rinsing of your sprayer, CARUELLE got rid of all the return pipes (patent) which you can find in older sprayers. Associated to the pyramidal form of the tank and its smooth inside, CARUELLE has decreased the risk of deposit in the tank. It improves the performances of you rinsing.

To avoid any siphoning in case a hose breaking, CARUELLE fitted every tank entry with check valves to preserve the environment from any accidental pollution. These valves are associated to anti-foam deflectors which bring back the phyto product onto the smooth tank side.

The whole circuit can be pressure cleaned, it’s the guarantee of a neat sprayer. Moreover, dead spots are reduced thanks to the pyramidal shape of the tank, its small suction well and small diameter pipes.


Forget you're carrying a weight !

With PROFARM, forget that you’re carrying weight on your two lower links and improve your course. The coupling suspension by elastic blocks reabsorbs every shock transmitted to the tractor by the sprayer. At 40km/h, drive safely, brake in total serenity, avoid any obstacle peacefully… and in silence! Loose less time coupling and choose the PROFARM tilted frame. With the tilted frame enjoy the space that is left to peacefully and easily finish your coupling.

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