- Model PROFI III Series - Slurry Tanker



The KAWECO Profi III tanker series offers you a large variety of completely equipped, professional contract work tankers. Typical of every PROFI III tankers are the sturdy, independent and twist-lock mounted chassis. This unique build guarantees that the tractive power of the tractor is only transmitted to the slurry spreader by the chassis. This means that the tanker is only used to transport the slurry, and that the chassis is ultra-stable. All PROFI III tankers are equipped with a flow meter with speed-independent dosage through By-Pass regulation. The dosing and all other hydraulic functions are controlled by the KAWECO PREMIUM ISO-BUS on-board computer.

  • Net contents [L]: Tandem: 16,300, 18,500, 20,260, 23,200 Tridem 23,000, 25,000, 30,000, 32,000
  • Undercarriage: Hydraulic pendulum suspension, all come equipped with 2 large accumulators for optimum suspension when empty and full
  • Control system: Tandem up to 20,260 = rigid control through hydraulic cylinder on the left-hand side of the drawbar. Tandem 23,200 = rigid control through mobile Elektronik control system. Tridem = up to 30,000 front and rear axle hydraulic rigid control. Tridem 32,000 = rigid control through mobile Elektronik control system.
  • Axle base [mm]: 1.810

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