- Model I - Slurry Tanker



The PROFI I TANKERS have a self-supporting tank chassis with a bottom mounted drawbar. The tandem tankers have a buggy-suspended tandem axle undercarriage. Standard the PROFI I TANKERS are equipped with a 13.500 l/min vacuum pump and can be built with a 12.000 (single axle), 16.000 or 18.000 l (2-axled) tank volume. A dribble bar spreader with a working with up to 15 m. can be fitted to the chassis of the tanker.

The PROFI I SERIES is the optimal solution for farmers who want to keep moving!

The PROFI I and PROFI II tandem tankers are standard equipped with:

  • K80-ball head coupling
  • Three anti slosh plates in tanker
  • Safety and pressure relief valve 2 “
  • 5 m (PVC) suction hose 6 “
  • Two wheel chocks
  • TÜV tested 40 km/h with vehicle registration
  • Wide angle driveshaft
  • Dual-line air system with load sensing brake valve
  • Mechanical level indicator on the front and also a sight glass on the front and rear side of the tanker
  • Air filter with exhaust pipe (for vacuum pump)
  • Galvanized mudguards and a hose fastener on both sides
  • Hydraulic support leg
  • Hazard lights

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