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Model Profit - Freestall Divider



Spinder introduced the freestall divider model 'Profit' in 1996. During all these years the 'Profit' has been applauded for it's simple, sturdy construction, it's general applicability and the fact that it is so easy to install. But the most important feature of this model is that the 'Profit' offers excellent cow comfort. And, as the result of the unique design, this divider positions the animals in a straight line in the stalls. Therefore the animals stay much cleaner. Pages 3 and 4 show the technical specifications of this established model.

General applicable
The freestall divider model 'Profit' is mounted 'freely' onto the stall floor. Meaning that it is not attached to any support posts or barn supports. The model 'Profit' for cows is produced in 3 lengths: 216,206 and 190 cm (see page 3). Therefore this model is suitable for every situation, new buildings or renovations. One can select the ideal combination of divider length / stall floor length, and achieve the correct position.
Easy to install
The 'Profit' divider is mounted to the concrete floor with a solid foot piece. This foot piece is made of a heavy gauge tubing 070 mm (thickness 4 mm), welded on a heavy plate. After mounting the foot piece, the divider, 060 mm, is placed loose in the foot piece. By mounting the shoulder rail and the head rail according to the directions, an extremely stable construction is created. The 048 mm shoulder and head rails are available in 6 meter lengths and are coupled with heavy gage tube clamp couplings (see page 15). We recommend an interval of 3 m between the couplings of the head rails and the shoulder rails to ensure stability.

Allows for a broad range of matting
The open space under the dividers and the far to the front position of the foot piece, allows for easy fitting of almost all kinds of matting. The dimensions of the ' Profit' divider and foot piece are designed for application of the FriesKo waterbed, Dunlomat, or a thin layer of loose bedding. When applying the Spinder Meadow mattress one has to make use of a filling ring to elevate the divider.
Special model for deep litter freestalls
For the deep litter freestalls we have a Profit model with an elevated mounting foot.
It works on the principle of anapprox. 15 cm thick litter bed. For extra protection, after hot-dip galvanizing the mounting foot has been treated with a durable epoxy coating. In combination with the also extended retaining knee rail support, the elevated Profit cubicle partition is most suitable for mechanically scattering and levelling the litter bed.

Important advantages:

  • Optimal resting comfort due to careful design;
  • Durability, due to the suspended construction;
  • Quick and easy to install;
  • All the right dimensions are available;
  • Allows for all types of matting materials;
  • Special deep litter model;

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