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PRO Grain Bagger is the system that allows you to store as MUCH grain as you want, WHEREVER you want, for just pennies a bushel! Since 1986, Arc Alloy Welding has been developing and manufacturing this system that stores grain in the same plastic bags used for storing silage. Design has always focused on ease of use and maintenance as well as effectiveness. PRO has been used extensively, and successfully, with both dry grain and high moisture feed grain. There are machines operating throughout Western Canada and the United States as well as in Russia and South America.

PRO Grain Bagger provides UNLIMITED grain storage year after year for just pennies per bushel (cost of the bag.). The bags can be situated wherever is most convenient for operational use year by year and hold 10,000+ bushels each! The system moves grain at 100 bushel per minute from truck to storage. The 24” conveyor, which moves the grain up to the high capacity 16” auger (that in turn fills the bag), pivots as unloading takes place so no truck movement is required during dumping.

PRO Grain Bagger was initially designed to fill feedlot grain storage needs. It is, however, an ideal system for all grain storage as the grain comes out of the bag in virtually the same condition as it went in. Lack of air means spoilage will not take place, but desired fermentation of high moisture grain can. Parasites do not survive in the bags, again, because there is no air.

Wheat, barley, oats, lentils, peas, corn and even sunflowers and cotton have been successfully stored with this system. It is highly versatile. During protracted or wet harvest seasons, PRO Grain Bagger allows the combines to keep running even when moisture levels are high. Plus, whenever grain production is higher than anticipated, good storage is always available IMMEDIATELY so no grain need suffer damage from the environment (ie. dumping on the ground).

At Arc Alloy Welding, we manufacture 6’6”, 8, 9 and 10 foot models. The 10’ model is the most preferred due to the significantly higher volume of storage per linear foot. Each bagger comes complete with conveyor, loading boom and bag cradle. Models can be fitted with roller mills. All bearings, sprockets, etc are standard sizes to keep running repairs quick and easy!

PRO Grain Bagger has been designed to keep grain storage operations SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, AND LOW MAINTENANCE, while filling the farmer’s needs for dependable, quality crop storage wherever and whenever it is required. PRO Grain Bagger has a proven track record. It is used by owners ranging from small family grain farmers and dairy operators to large feedlots and huge grain co-operatives. The units are dependable; the storage is excellent.

Thank you for your interest in PRO Grain Bagger. We are sure you will find it is worth your valuable time and consideration. If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. And, please, contact us as soon as possible so we can ensure machines are available for your harvest season. Pricing depends on size of order, payment arrangements, etc.

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