- Amino Acids


The product is designed to reduce the biotic and abiotic stress in plants. It adjusts the speed of assimilation of macro- and trace- nutrients and stimulates the immune system of plants. It substantially improves plant productivity and crop quality. PROLIS is used to prepare plants for the winter, in order to revive them after the winter and help resist stress caused by negative environmental factors: cold, frost, drought, and waterlogged soil effects.

INGREDIENTS: Specially selected amino acids for foliar spraying or seed treatment.
PACKAGING: 2x10 grams.
RATES: for cereals, rape 2 g/ha, vegetables 3-4 g/ha, orchards 5-10 g/ha.
USE: for all agricultural crops in all stages of growth. PROLIS® is most effective, when sprayed before the onset of unfavourable growing conditions: frost, cold, drought, and waterlogged soil.
PROLIS® is diluted with water and the solution is sprayed at a rate of 200 to 300 l/ha. It can be mixed with fertilizers and plant protection products, if the latter are not labelled for any restrictions.

PROLIS, which contains specially selected amino acids, is used to prevent and reduce the range of stresses experienced by plants. Key applications of PROLIS.

  • Preparation of winter wheat and winter oilseed rape.
  • Malnourished plant restoration in spring.
  • Use for all plants during the growing season, against frost, drought or waterlogged soil stress.

As a consequence of using PROLIS®: to reduce stress in the plant, crop yields are increased.

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