Promat Inc.

- Model DS - Developed for Ultimate Cow Comfort



Promat became the leader in animal comfort and to date has sold over 2 million mattresses in 43 countries. Now, after 18 years of improving cow health and dramatically increasing milk production, we have done it again!


Our new, stronger “Drop Stitch” technology consisting of a top and bottom layer joined with literally 100’s of stitches per square foot.  This new internal design ensures a flat, consistent, durable firmness across the mattress surface.

We have linked scientific technology with cow comfort to create an improved GELMAT DS, and it is the best simulation of a soft pasture yet.

The GELMAT DS system consists of two main components:

  • The reengineered GELMAT DS provides unparalleled support and contentment
  • The Top Cover which is impregnated with rubber,  includes special backing to protect the GELMAT DS resulting in extended life

  • The ONLY mattress to perform like sand, conforming and supporting the cow comfortably
  • Maintains softness
  • Supports and relieves pressure points
  • Reduces hock sores
  • Smooth surface means it is easy to clean
  • Less bedding required
  • Compatible with free stalls and tie stalls
  • Designed to imitate pasture creating natural environment

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