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This PROMAX is a supplement to improve appetite and digestion in larger animals. The LAB lowers gut pH for health and absorptive efficacy. The enzymes break down to help increase rumen microbial efficiency in cows and gut efficiency in monogastric animals. The yeast culture improves appetite and gut environment.

PROMAX contains:

  • lactic acid bacteria (LAB)
  • enzymes
  • yeast culture

The normal dose is ½ to 1 oz. per day. PROMAX can be added to feed or in a TMR.

PROMAX allows you to give your animals the ingredients to optimize digestive function at a very low cost.

A healthy digestive system contributes to good heath and productivity.


PROMAX is a supplement for younger animals used to Improve digestive ability, weight gain, and boost defense mechanisms. It is given as a daily supplement in milk or milk replacer.
PROMAX provides millions of beneficial LAB to the growing young animal.
PROMAX contains enzymes, minerals, vitamins, immune boosters (colostral whey), and a yeast culture.
The colostral whey contains the same messengers from the mother that tells the immune system to start up and supports the growth and activity later on.

PROMAX comes in:

  • 5 lb pails (sold in cases of 8)

  • 25 lb pails (sold individually)

The normal dose is 1/10 oz per animal per day. It can be added to milk, milk replacer, or dry feed.

It is the most cost efficient way to supplement small animals!

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