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- Model PWP460 - Rotary Tedder



Rotary tedder PWP460 is the latest model in Pronar’s range of tenders. Rotary tedder Pronar PWP460 is designed for spreading freshly mown grass or scour lightly dried hay, in order to speed up the drying process. PWP460 evenly spreads and rolls the material without destroying. It also deprives the material of the earth, peat, so that in the final stage received feed is free from contaminants. Robust design makes the rotary tedder reliable and efficient, high-quality workmanship ensures a long service life. Rotary tedder Pronar PWP460 follows the ground perfectly and allows you to work on the slopes. Possible aggregation with small tractors makes it the perfect device for each farm, irrespective of their area or meadow location. Additionally, thanks to a simple and uncomplicated construction of the machine, the operator can very quickly set the appropriate machine parameters.

Linkage System : Short 3-Point

Tedder PWP460 is aggregated with the tractor by 3-point hitch. Short suspension system makes the center of gravity close to the tractor, which essentially affects the distribution of the forces acting on the device and improves safety when driving.

Rotor Drive With Tractor PTO

Tedder PWP460 can be aggregated with tractors with a minimum power of 30 hp and a maximum speed PTO 540 rpm . The rotors are driven by the tractor PTO shaft and articulated-telescopic with overload clutch on the main gearbox and four angle transmissions transferring torque to the rotor.

Hydraulic System Lifting And Lowering Carousel

Tedder PWP460 arms are lowered and lifted by cylinders controlled directly from the tractor. This ensures comfort and convenience of operation. Transport position of the tedder and warning signs fitted as standard ensure safety during driving. In addition, the submission of the arms of the tedder in transport position reduces its size, thanks to this solution unit requires less space for storage.

4 Working Carousels

Tedder PWP460 is equipped with 4 working carousels.

6 Working Arms On A Single Carousel

Tins applied on the working arm are characterized by: a strong and stable mounting and construction which guarantees long usage.

Strong Maintenance-Free Gear Carousel

Gear used in tedder PWP460 is strong, solid, filled with maintenance- free grease lubrication

Mechanical System Of Spreading

To avoid spreading of the material on neighboring fields, the tedder PWP460 uses a mechanical system to scour the border. Each wheel can be set so that tedder will work at an angle and evenly scattered the crop.

Large Wheels

The use of the tedder PWP460 large wheels ensure a quiet driving, even on rough and unstable ground. Wheels reduce the pressure on the ground, so it is not damaged in addition the cut material is not indented in the turf.

Suspension With Sock Absorption

Suspension with sock absorption in tedder PWP460 provides comfort during work and perfect ground following. The device responds to even the smallest bumps, making work more efficient and increase the life of spreading the tine.

Total length: 2400 mm
Width in working position: 5000 mm
Width in transport position: 2990 mm
Height in working position: 1700 mm
Height in transport position: 3900 mm

Usable parameters
Working width: 4600 mm
No. of carousels: 4 pcs.
No. of working arms on single carousele: 6 pcs.
Suspension type: active, shock absorption
Suspension: Cat. I and II acc. to ISO 730-1
Type of the central transmission: wet (oil bath)
Type of the carousel transmission: maintenance-free ( grease lubrication)
Overload protection: clutch 900Nm
Minimum tractor power demand: 30/22 HP/kW
Max. PTO Speed: 540 rpm
Weight: 600 kg
Working efficiency: 4,6 ha/h
Recommended working speed: 10 km/h
Noise level: less than 75 dB

Tyre: 16 x 6.5 - 8 (6PR)
Pressure in tyres: 200 kPa
Additional information: One double-acting section with floating position
Required tractor hydraulic outputs: manually, each wheel separately in the range of 13o-19o
Adjustment of the spreading angle: after manual wheel adjustment (each wheel separately)
Tedding near field border: hydraulic-synchronized
Lifting the rotors to transport position

Ground following ability:
up: up to 30o
down: up to 6o

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