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Rotary rake Pronar ZKP460T is the latest model in the range of rotary rakes. Thanks to its robust construction and transmission of tangentially-set rotor arms, lubricated in an oil bath, characterized by high resistance, ZKP460T provides reliable performance in all operating conditions, regardless of the swath type. High quality materials used to manufacture rotary rake Pronar ZKP460T guarantee its long-term use. Simple design of rotary rakes ZKP460T makes operation easy, and the dimensions of the rakes are the ideal solution for small farms, which have a low-power tractors.

Regulation Of Drawbar Cylinder
Drawbar cylinder is equipped with crank regulation, which ensures proper height adjustment and inclination of a carousel. Aggregation to a tractor is possible with parallelogram drawbar which keeps hitch in constant vertical position.

Articulated Drawbar
Rake is connected to the tractor by the drawbar. This design ensures that rake in the work setting and the transport setting is parallel to the ground.

Wheel Support ( Optional)
Ensures accurate raking and ground following ability.

Hydraulic Height Regulation Of Carousel
Two cylinders mounted on frame and on drawbar rake, provide easy change from transport setting to working setting and efficient maneuvering over swath. Lifting and lowering of the machine to adjusted depth is possible due to usage of hydraulic system. Basic working depth is adjusted by a bolt on the chassis rake. In order to ensure always optimal alignment tines to the ground, there is a possibility of making additional inclination of the rotor relative to the chassis.

4 Wheel Driving System
Positioning of wheels in rakes is designed to work maximally close to the tines. It is ideal solution which will guarantee perfect ground following ability and will secure forage against soil pollution.

Hermetic And Lubricated Gear
Proper raking is provided by 12-arm gearbox and its special design. Thanks to it the work of rakes, even with heavy usage is continuous and will not create problems for farmer. The gearbox is characterized by durability, reliability, sealing and lubrication system: oil bath with a tangentially-set rotor arms. This ensures maximum safety of gear wheels and usage is reduced to minimum.

12 Easy To Dismount Working Arms.
Arms of the carousel can be dismounted in easy and fast way, which reduce width of rake, for example when it is transported between fields. Usage of 12 arms on carousel, creates possibility to swatch with higher speed, but with retain same speed of carousel rotation.

Easy To Assemble Forming Shield
Construction of forming shield is easy to lifting and lowering. There is no need for additional force usage.

4 Spring Tines On Single Arm
Raking spring tines are made of very durable 9,5 mm wire steel, which correspond with long lasting usage. Optimal tines fit to the ground, ensure that swat is raked evenly. It is damage free and and protects the turf.

Total length In working setting: 5480 mm
Total length in transport setting: 4510 mm
Width in working setting minimum maximum: 4175 mm to 4925 mm
Width in transport setting: 2360 mm
Height in working setting: 1240 mm
Height in transport setting: 2700 mm
Working width: 4600 mm
Number of working arms: 12 szt.
Number of racking tines on arm: 4 szt.
Suspension: Rotary Rake with articulated drawbar, aggregated to 3 point hitch of a tractor
Driving system: 4 wheels in tandem arrangement
Rodzaj przekladni karuzelowej Central carousel gear: mokra (w kapieli olejowej)wet ( in oil bath)
Overload protection: clutch 1000Nm
Minimum tractor power demand: 30/22 kW/KMkW/HP
PTO speed: 540 obr/minrpm
Tare weight: 680 kg
Recommended working speed: 10 km/h
Recommended transportation speed: 30 km/h
Working efficiency: 5 ha/h
Tyres: 16×6.5-8(6PR)
Lights: 12V
Required tractor connectors: one single acting section with floating position

ZKP460T Additional equipment (options): Ground following wheel

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