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Tractor Pronar 5222 is designed for customers with small and medium-sized farms, and also perfectly suited as a auxillary tractor in large-scale farms. 4-cylinder, turbocharged IVECO engine mounted in the tractor generates power 86hp. This power is transmitted to the wheels via a Carraro gearbox which offering 24 gears forward and 24 backward. The tractor is equipped with a reverse gear. Tractor Pronar 5222 is a combination of high performance hydraulic system, maneuverability, extensive and comfortable cab with a seat for the passenger, reliability and low operating costs.

Built with components of renowned brands.

3000kg lifting capacity of rear linkage and rear hydraulic pump with output of 56dm³ / min, offer many possibilities to aggregate with various machines.

Small turning radius, reverse gear.

Large well muted cabin, hinged windows, passenger seat, excellent visibility.

Works excellent as a transport tractor and in the light field work or with front loader.

Brand: Iveco Stage IIIA, 4 cylinder
Nominal power: 63 (86) according to 97/68/EC kW (hp)
Nominal rated speed: 2300 rpm
Maximum torque: 363 Nm
Rotational speed at maximum torque: Jul-03 rpm
Injection system: injection pump with mechanic regulation
Inlet system: with turbocharger and intercooler
Fuel tank capacity: 110 dm3
Specific fuel consumption: 217 - minimal g/kWh
Gearbox type: Carraro mechanical, synchronized
Total amount of gears: 24/24 Synchro Super Reduction - standard front/rear
Oil tank capacity: 43, common oil with transmission system dm3
Oil pump output at engine nominal speed: 56 dm3/min
Working pressure: 185 bar
Number of splitter sections: 2 - standard, 3 -option
The amount of hydraulic jacks: 2 pairs / 0 - standard rear/front; 3 pairs / 0 – opcja:
Maximum lifting in rear coupler axis ends: 3000 - standard, 3600 - option kg
Cabin: single seat, hinged windows and passenger seat
Length (with weights at the front and rear couplings in transport position): 4130 mm
Width: 1960-2486 mm
Height: 2482-2585 mm
Curb weight: 4130 kg

Front weights
Radio + Speakers
Side passenger seat

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