- Model RC - Single Grain Seed Drills



The Maestro RC is designed for being attached to a seed waggon (Pronto AS) - for efficient and flexible single grain sowing. The combinaton of Maestro RC and SW 3500 excels due to its flexible equipment versions and its driving comfort.Chassis: The large chassis offers excellent driving comfort. 3-point mounting: The 3-point mounting allows for attaching a TurboDisc seed bar in addition. The seedwaggon, thus, can also be used for sowing cereals.Front tools: Contrary to the Maestro CC, the RC in combination with the SW 3500 is (like the Pronto) isequipped with a 2-row DiscSystem allowing for combining seedbed preparation with sowing.

  • For all types of single grain sowing
  • Sowing speed up to 12 km/h with precise seed placement
  • High coulter pressure up to 300 kg
  • The electronic control system monitors the amount of missing and double spots as well as the coefficient of variation per row
  • 8-12 seed rows
  • Metering devices are driven electrically and are individually switchable
  • Large seed containers with a capacity of 70 litres

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