- Interrow Ripper


State-of-the-Art technology for water conservation and erosion control, that is what the Sunco Prop gives you! The Sunco Prop, when attached to an interrow ripper shank, will build small reservoirs and dams in between the rows of row crops. These dams are built at a 45 degree angle to the row, making it possible to drive down the row with considerably less bounce. The reservoirs hold rainfall and sprinkler irrigation water where it lands allowing it to soak into the soil profile to be available for plant use, plus erosion potential is eliminated. Reservoir tillage using the Sunco Prop eliminates water run-off which controls erosion and conserves valuable moisture. Props incorporate herbicides, soil stays mellow, weed and grass seeds fail to germinate. Stands are uniform in propped fields, even on the roughest terrain, providing more bushels per acre. Reservoirs and dams stay throughout the season, and are easy on harvest equipment.

  • Reduces run-off on side hills
  • Allows application of fertilizer and chemical through pivot
  • Eliminates pivot-track washing
  • Aerates soil
  • Helps control weeds and grasses
  • Keeps soil mellow
  • Promotes deeper root growth and development
  • Eliminates ponding and drowning in low areas
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Allows moisture to permeate and remain in subsoil
  • Reduces wind as well as water erosion
  • Increases yields
  • Eliminates hard pan when used with ripper
  • Helps reduce crop stress in dry weather
  • Helps promote soil organism growth
  • Helps direct off season moisture to subsoil.

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