ProSilva Oyj

- Model 15-4ST - BogHopper Track Mounted Forest Machine


ProSilva 15-4ST BogHopper track mounted forest machine is a uniquely light wanderer. Although machine weighs 35 000 kg when loaded, the contact pressure is very small. The rear suspension is supporting, also the suspension is made thinking about comfort and duration. The track plates are bent, so no tracks are left to the terrain.

Rear suspension

  • a contact area with a 8 cm depression and 800 mm track plates: 7 m

  • track frames are tilted along the terrain lengthwise and crosswise

  • bent track plates


  • reduces vibration to the driver

  • reduces stress to the machine body

  • combined to an active swivel it transfers the pressure to the most supporting part of the terrain

Active swivel

  • the position data of the machine from sensors

  • swivel operation can be chosen by the driver

  • in soft terrain the articulated joint is aimed to be held straight

  • in uneven terrain cockpit movements can be balanced

ProSilva BogHopper is an unbelievable forest machine. Timber harvesting on soft terrains can be made around the year –powerfully and without damaging the nature.

  • Dimensions: Length 9317 mm, Width 2800 mm, Clearance 702 mm, Carrying capacity 15 t, Dead weight approx. 22 t.
  • Hydraulic system: Load sensing system, Pump 190 cm3, Fully hydrostatic driving transmission.
  • Engine: Iveco N67 ENT, Power 175 kW, Torsion 1020 Nm @ 1400 rpm.
  • Load area: Lenght 4000 mm, Cross-section surface of the screen 4,5 m3.
  • Loader: Kesla 800T.

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