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Heat Shock Proteins are now recognised as important in the managements of the side effects of physical stress in all animals. Tex-OE the active ingredient of Protex-H® tablets is the first recognised dietary product, which has been shown to enhance heat shock protein levels before any stress takes place. Originally developed for use in deep diving by commercial scuba divers, Bradan scientists have now shown that in encapsulated form, produced as Protex-H® it has a dramatic effect on a whole range of physical stresses in humans. Based on their own experience it is now recommended by Doctors, pharmacists and medical researchers as a means of preventing Long-Haul Travel Stress.

There is also a wide spectrum of experience in its use before sporting and other heavy physical exercise, to relieve fatigue and speed recovery. It is even recommended by experienced veterinarians for use in working dogs and horses, especially as they become older and fatigue more easily.

The foil packaged Protex-H® tablets should be taken two hours before the anticipated stress at a rate of one per 10 stone/140lbs/60kg in body weight. Avoid citrus drinks or fruit for at least 2 hours before and after taking Protex-H.

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