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- Lance-Based Camera System


Lance-Based Camera System for Molten Metal Environments. ProVision is a leading edge camera system located within the top blowing Berry Metal Water-Cooled Oxygen or Oxygen-Gas Burner/Lance used to view the interior of a vacuum degassing vessel. Berry Metal Company's partnership with Process Metrix provides steelmaking customers with advanced instruments that are easily interfaced to the steelmaking process, are simple to operate, and improve steel product throughput, quality and profitability.


  • Real-time color video provides the pulpit operator with monitoring capabilities of the vacuum degassing vessel during all phases of the process, from vacuum-on to oxygen blowing to alloy additions.
  • Video imagery can also be collected during vessel pre-heating.
  • ProVision uses a miniature (0.5' diameter) color video camera located inside a specially designed Berry Metal Lance Tip.
  • The Water-Cooled Camera Lance provides an optimal location for the instrumentation, protecting the optics from thermal and mechanical damage as well as from optical contamination.
  • Camera extraction and re-insertion can be easily accomplished without removing the Lance from the carriage.
  • ProVision has been demonstrated to achieve continuous operation through more than 1,000° of heat with no degradation of image quality.
  • Process Metrix/Berry Metal will supervise on-site installation including simple modifications of Lance carriage and installation of video cable from Lance station to pulpit.
  • Berry Metal Company and Process Metrix can also include an integral igniter with flame sensing capabilities for the Oxygen Gas Burner/Lances.

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