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Model PRC-2/6 - Tandem Axle 3 Side Tipper Agricultural Trailer



PRC-2 type trailers are mainly intended for carrying farm products, in particular loose farm materials, such as grain and corn. The bottom Fuhrmann profile, used in them, affect the board resilience and adherence accuracy. Additionally, the products are distinguished by the applied sealing technology. The trailer has a tandem type suspension structure with two centrally located axles. The loading case structure allows to open the board from each side with a central lock. The used innovative system of seven locks ensures non-deforming and ideal holding. The 3-side tripper of the loading case allows to conveniently and efficiently unload the trailer. Moreover, an additional discharge window is located in the rear board, allowing for stream unloading. The trailer can be equipped with a tarpaulin. Standard products have new tires.

  •  Net weight: 2 400 kg
  •  Max. payload: 6 000 kg
  •  Maximal permissible total weight: 8 400 kg
  •  Number of axles: 2
  •  Wheel – tyre size: 11.5/80 – 15,3
  •  Loading case length: 4 040 mm
  •  Loading case width: 2 000 mm
  •  Loading case height: 1000 m
  •  Total trailer height: 2 100 mm
  •  Total trailer length: 5 960 mm
  •  Total trailer width: 2 160 mm
  •  Volume: 8 m³
  •  Loading case floor height from the ground: 1 100mm

  • Double circuit air operated brakes with automatic braking force adjustment.
  •  Hand parking brake
  •  Axles and mechanical suspension – homologation to 40 km/h
  •  Lighting system
  •  Hydraulic cylinder for triple side tipping with stroke limiting valve for maximal tipping angle 50̊
  •  Tilting side and rear walls with height 500mm with extra extension walls 500 mm
  •  Chute in rear wall
  •  External entrance ladder and access step on the tow bar and inside loading case
  •  Parabolic springs
  •  Trailer coupling on back side from ROCKINGER company
  •  Pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic sockets for second trailer
  •  Holder for safety triangle reflector
  •  Wheel chocks – 2 pieces

  • Roller tarpaulin cover with frame
  •  Spare wheel
  •  Back trailer coupling – rotary
  •  Other colour of walls (for example on tractor colour)
  •  Safety triangle reflector
  •  Chute hopper

  • single circuit air operated brakes

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