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- Model BGP 6500A - Pruning Machines



BGP 6500A is an operating machine that is mounted in front of the tractor. This version has been designed for cleaning roadways, streets, trails and parks where vegetation obstructs the passage of any type of vehicle. Thanks to a clean cut, it allows the safeguarding of plants. It can be used in agriculture, where there is sufficient distance between the rows of plants, for pruning fruit trees, etc...

BGP 6500A can be mounted on any tractor with at least 110 hp. Its fully hydraulic operation is independent of the tractor and works through a PTO (power takeoff) drive shaft applied to the PTO of the tractor itself. The command panel, away from the pruner and appropriately placed inside the cab of the tractor, allows the operator to handle both the operation of the machine and the path ahead while sitting comfortably in his/her seat. It is equipped with a parallelogram cutter bar sliding system, allowing the operator to have a better view of the cut from inside the cab. BGP 6500A operates without any hindering to the movement of the tractor and safeguards the operator. In fact, the material that is cut falls in front and to the right, without creating any hindrance. This pruner only operates when the tractor is in gear.

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