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The hydraulic equipment is made of high grade and high performance. The motor is made of steel and it can rotate in two senses of draft. The saw discs can also rotate in two senses, on having taken a mooring of double fastened plate as central record and four screws, in spite of only changing of position the hydraulic quick couplings. A protector for the saw discs is placed when circulate along highway is needed. The pruning machines can mate to any tractor for small or big that this is, whenever they are counterweighed appropriately, behind and of the opposite side of the discs, according to models, for a perfect balance and maximum safety. The cabin of the tractor must be protected by screens of armored crystal and grill, for the maximum protection and entire visibility of the tractor driver.

The pruning system is divided into:
A cutting bar of 3,4,5, or 6 saw discs Ø 600 (if it is requested, the last one or the last two discs can be removed of the cutting bar, or added when wished).
A system of elevation and positioning.
A cylinder of displacement of the pruning bar.
A height mark of pruning.

They adapt themselves to any hydraulic existing group (hydraulic of almond vibrator, to a backhoe loader...)
Whenever the bomb of this one obtains a minimum of 70 liters and a pressure of 150 Kg/cm2

The discs of Ø 600, of 120 teeth are sharpened in the shape of knife with flat face.
The discs of Ø 600, of 72 teeth, are setted for thick branch.

Saw discs Ø 600 -Bellota-
Different working widths:
3 saw discs - 1,6 m. cutting lenght
4 saw discs - 2,1 m. cutting lenght
5 saw discs - 2,6 m. cutting lenght

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