Model PS 500 M2 - Pneumatic Sowing Machine



With its 500 l volume, the PS 500 M1 is a brilliantly versatile implement for farmers with large areas to cultivate and for agricultural contractors, that is ideal for combining with a range of tilling implements. Thanks to its electrically driven sowing shaft, which continuously regulates the seed flow, it is possible to apply exactly the quantity required of any seed and to adjust this while driving. The electric control box allows the sowing process to be convenintly monitored and controlled from the driver‘s seat.

  • Seed volume adjustment while driving with control box
  • Different sowing shafts (fine seed and coarse seed)
  • Accurate & wind independent seed dispersion
  • Monitoring and controlling of the sowing shaft‘s RPM over the control module from the driver‘s seat
  • Easy mounting
  • Precise overlap spreading
  • Seed flow optimized dispersion plates
  • Discharge function
  • Error control
  • Large opening for big bag filling
  • Cover reversible
  • Speed independent dispersion & headland management (with sensors; only with control box 5.2)
  • Hectare counter, automatic calibration-test function (only with control box 5.2)
  • Long living and stable hopper support

  • distribution of grass seeds, clover and similar granulates
  • dispersal of intercrops, over-sowing, or reseeding
  • for wide spreading the use of a hydraulic fan or a PTO driven fan is recommended

Working width

  • 1 - 6 m with electric fan, 8 outlets
  • 1 - 7 m with hydraulic fan, 8 outlets (optional)
  • 1 - 12 m with hydraulic fan, 16 outlets (optional)
  • (8 outlets with 8 Y-dividers as accessories available)

H 125 cm, W 80 cm, D 125 cm

Seed tank
Plastic tank with 500 l capacity

Net weight electr./hydr.
93 kg / 116 kg

Power data
12 V / 25 A

If equipped with hydraulic fan:
1 single acting valve (coupling size 3) + 1 pressure-less return (coupling size 4) necessary; max. pressure: 150 bar, max. oil amount: 45 l/min

  • Cable extension PS MX 5 m
  • Mounting kit PS 120-500 3-point
  • Set of adapter cables for tractors 8 m
  • Calibration button *
  • Conversion kit pressure monitor *
  • Sensors (optional) *

  • Optional with control box 3.2 or 5.2 (different price category - price see price list 2015)
  • Complete sowing machine with hoses (25 m)
  • Metering roller for fine seed, metering roller for coarse seed
  • Agitator for grasses
  • All required cables: 1,5 m cable to supply power from the 3-pin connector to the control unit, 6 m cable from the control unit to the spreading unit
  • Calibration slide, counter plate, calibration bag
  • 8 dispersion plates & 4 pcs. hexagonal bars (for the mounting of the dispersion plates)
  • Fill level sensor (works only with control box 5.2) & scale for seed

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