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Model PTL - Tank Semi Trailers



Nature – all living creatures, plants, rivers and seas. Most of plants protection remedies (fertilizers, chemicals) more or less are dangerous and harmful to nature’s environment, so it must be used very carefully and responsibly.

Laumetris Ltd. water semi-trailer’s with plastic tank one of main functions is to protect water pools, watering places from contact of plants protection remedies with water. Water semi-trailer can suck water from pools with centrifugal pump or it can be filled through top hatch. Water can be mixed inside the tank or pumped out to sprayer just through separate system than sucking system. In addition, there is a filter with a variety of 76 to 980 microns size perforation. During water mixing it warms up to temperature of outside and it ensures better melting of chemicals and fertilizers – fast sprayer service. Flow-meter system “Palmac 2” assures precise measurement of pumped out liquid quantity in few litres accuracy. One Laumetris Ltd. water semi-trailer prepares liquid for 2 – 4 sprayers, so it saves time and strongly increases efficiency of spraying processes.

Use of such water semi-trailer reduces risk of pool water and remedies, which is held in a sprayer, contact also because water is transported to a sprayer. Plastic tanks, cranes, hoses are long lasting and resistant to aggressive surroundings. Company produces water semi-trailers with tank capacity of 6; 12; 16; 20 m3 and pumps with productivity of 800 – 1500 litres per minute.

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