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Pull Harvester

This unique harvester head ensures up to 95% crop recovery with gentle handling while saving on manpower. This is a cost-effective head that picks red and green peppers with helix-shaped strippers, without causing any damage to the fruit. A head senses changes in ground contour and can be adjusted to control the helix's height. Designed based on the requirements of the New Mexico State University, the pull harvester head is suitable for small and large fields, picking crops up to 51' (1.3 m) in height. The header's height can be controlled from the tractor using a hydraulic cylinder. Offering quick and easy operation and maintenance, the harvester head also incorporates rear steering for enhanced control. It can be connected to a tractor, eliminating the need for a costly combine. The harvesting head conveniently folds up for road transport.

  • Saves time and labor
  • Fits in all types of tractors
  • Harvests both green and red peppers
  • Is suitable for any row width from 20' (51 cm) and up
  • Needs only one operator
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Can be fitted with additional accessories upon request

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