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With the new AVR Puma self-propelled 4-row harvester and after the successful Solanum, AVR brings a new 4-row harvester onto the market that expells in power, capacity, combined with small simplicity. The reference to a Puma indicates power, flexibility and speed, still with elegance. The Puma can harvest a large surface of potatoes per day and isn’t frightened by difficult circumstances.

If you choose quality, capacity and simplicity, you choose the AVR Puma
The AVR Puma is completely built around a central frame bar. This enables to keep the full width of the sieving webs until the back of the machine. On AVR’s latest model, the independent digger units have a digging web of each 1450 mm wide.
By remaining as large as possible and with fout webs one after antoher, the sieving capacity of the Puma is exceptional. The haulm intake rollers and the second and third sieving web ensure a perfect haulm discharge.

Combi bar (dep.)
After the digging webs and the first sieving webs, the potatoes go to two webs, equipped with the new combi bar (dep). The pintle belt (2350 mm wide) or the 26 axial rollers (exchangeable) have a much larger width then before, so the machine has more cleaning capacity than its predecessor. The Puma has a superior sieving capacity, enabling an extraordinary harvesting capacity.

Ring elevator The ring elevator is equipped with active side panels, like the elevator of the Esprit unmanned harvester. Together with the width of 1250 mm, the capacity is high enough to cope with the enormous capacity of the machine itself. The speed is driven dependent on the charge, so that the ring elevator turns as slowly as possible in order to prevent damage.

To avoid a high soil pressure under the tires, the Puma is equipped with an extra set of wheels on an axle, behind the rear axle. A constant pressure is put on these tires via an electro-hydraulic system. Meanwhile, the field is levelled on the whole width of the machine. If necessary, both wheels can also be lifted.

The engine
The Puma has a 6 cylinder Iveco engine with 428 hp, enabling hydraulic driving of all webs , and also ensures a very high traction power on the four hydraulically driven wheels. Thanks to the high power, the capacity of the machine can always be used completely, even under very harsh and wet conditions.
Like all the other self-propelled harvesters of AVR, the operation of the whole machine happens via a CAN-bus operating system. All the different parts of the machine (engine, drive, webs) are operated integrally by one operating system. The system is also capable of self-diagnosing.

Rafale haulm topper
The haulm topper is a totally new development and originally based on the new AVR Rafale. The front topper has a side discharge, which is mechanically driven. The haulm topper balances with the front axle, to have a superb soil following.

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