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- Stabilized Starch



Compared to typical cook-up starches, PURE-GEL modified starches hydrate easily and impart high viscosity. In addition, these starches are designed to provide stable viscosity in the presence of extended heat, acid and shear conditions.

For processed meat applications, PURE-GEL products provide excellent economic benefits including increased water-holding capacity, moisture management and improved yields at a reduced hydration temperature. In dairy applications, PURE-GEL starches are utilized to suspend solids, enhance mouthfeel and provide a stable viscosity under refrigerated conditions.

PURE-GEL products are easily hydrated in high-fat sauce systems and provide steam table stability for gravies and sauces. For thermally-processed fruit fillings, the low hot viscosity results in reduced back pressure and better fruit integrity. The correct starch can be selected from the product line depending upon desired characteristics and the processing conditions the product will undergo.

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