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Pushpak Hydraulic Reversible Plough


The turnover of the reversible plough is done by a Hydraulic cylinder; which reduces the fatigue to tractor driver considerably. Due to smooth turnover, no impact vibrations are experienced. Hence long life to plough & tractors is achived. Pushpak Hydraulic reversible plough has two mold board ploughs mounted back-to-back, one turning to the right, the other to the left. While one is working the land, the other is carried upside-down in the air. At the end of each row, the paired ploughs are turned over, so the other can be used. This returns along the next furrow, again working the field in a consistent direction.

The Pushpak Hydraulic reversible Ploughis used to turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds, the remains of previous crops, and both crop and weed seeds, allowing them to break down.

Pushpak Hydraulic reversible Ploughs are available in two / three & four; furrow working configurations, suitable for tractors with various horse powers from 45Hp to 90Hp

The working points are available in Shear type & bar point.

The construction of the Pushpak Hydraulic reversible plough is very strong & reliable with the use of “Box Section Frame” design.

The large underbody & inter-body clearance allows free flow of soil & crop residue without getting clogged in the system.

The shear bolt protection system works as a safety device protecting the main parts of plough in case of some major obstacle in the soil to the forward working of the plough.

There are adjustments given on the plough to set the angle of the cutting points to the ground level, Center of Gravity of the pull of plough in reference to tractor & mold board curve to throw back the soil.

  • Fatigue to tractor driver is reduced considerably.
  • Due to smooth turnover, no impact vibrations. Hence long life ti plough and tractor parts.

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