Model PVT Series - Vibration Grader and Cleaner



Vibration screen separator  (classifier) with attached aspiration channel is designed for cleaning and pre-cleaning of all agricultural crops from impurities and admixtures. It is destined for high capacities and continuous run.The screen separator is fitted with pair of screens, which ensure separation of over and undersize impurities from granular materials. Sieves are cleaned by flexible balls. High frequency vibrations are generated by a pair of electric vibrators which results in high quality cleaning at large capacities. Different screens are used for different materials.

Various outlet aspiration systems can be matched to the machine following screens cleaning: an open circuit aspiration channel PAS, a closed circuit air channel PASR, or simple exhaust box.

Aspiration channel PAS removes light impurities and dust by air. Adjustable back channel wall allows accurate separation setting. Built-in permanent magnet separates metal impurities. It is necessary to exhaust air from aspiration channel and clean it. Air-recycling aspirator type PASR with built in air fan and dust separator reduces demand on air exhausted.The closed construction of these machines and aspiration prevents any dusting out.For special applications only vibration screen separator PVT or only aspiration channel PAS can be supplied.

  • Sieve box slope
  • Vibration amplitude (oscillometer)
  • Angle of throw
  • Different mesh for separation
  • Aspiration intensity
  • Air channel shape

  • High capacity
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimum maintenance (no lubrication need)
  • Easy operation
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Easy and quick changing of sieves
  • Compact, sturdy construction
  • Sturdy sieves with simply and efficient cleaning by rubber balls
  • Dust-free operation

  • precleaning of grain in flour mills, silos (elevator) and granaries
  • Cleaning (separating) in flour mills and silos (granaries)
  • Sorting of barley in malting plants
  • Grain cleaning in agriculture (postharvest lines)
  • High efficiency cleaning and sorting (classification) of grain and seeds in cleaning plants, oilseed industry, etc.
  • Cleaning and sorting of different products (sugar, salt, cocoa bean, cocoa nibs, chocolate, herbages, rubber, plastics, waste)
  • Cleaning and sorting of different granulated products in industry lines 

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