- Model DPHB-100-D - Floor Batching and Blending Systems



Q.H.D Sannong Modern Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing Bulk Blending(BB) Fertilizer Equipments and have accomplished some national patents which researched and developed by ourself.

Floor Batching and Blending System, It is suitable for large production requirements. Each time can be weighted and blended 100kg to 1000kg by your production capacity requirements, Materials batched under the floor by static belt metering scale, this system is able to solve the weakness of metering errors induced by dynamic metering in ordinary belt scale, improve the output and batch precision.

It is the specialized equipment for BB fertilizer production which combines the auto batching blending and packaging in integration. This production line is characterized by full automatic, high precision, high speed, small floor space and easy operation and maintenance, low cost investment; it is used stainless steel with strong anticorrosive capability and long service life.

  • Blending capacity: 100-200kg/time
  • Production capacity: 10tons/hour
  • Suitable Raw materials: granular, powder or mixture of powder and granular are available.
  • Feeding Method: Belt feeder
  • Packaging: 25kg/bag-50kg/bag available
  • Batching accuracy ≤±0.2%,Packaging accuracy ≤±0.2% ;
  • Working Humidity: <85%(No frost)
  • Kinds of Materials: 4-8 kinds
  • Recipes of Fertilizer is easy to change according to customer’s need;

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