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The QEP Holland ECA-unit provides the solution for problems regarding diseases in the irrigation system. The ECA-unit produces a disinfectant which is added to the irrigation water or drain water. ECA-water rapidly kills off most viruses, bacteria and fungi and other organic contamination. Injection of the ECA-water to the dripping system allows for healthier roots and a lower disease rate. It also prolongs the lifetime of the dripping hoses by removing deposits preventing problems like clogging. ECA-water is also very effective in the post-harvesting process of the vegetable, fruit and flower cultivation. In recent years, the use of ECA-water has proven itself in the agriculture and horticulture. The results show a healthier crop, optimum production and a reduction in maintenance costs. The product of the QEP Holland ECA-unit is environmentally friendly and completely free of chemicals which makes it very suitable for organic farming aswel.

The QEP Holland ECA-unit is developed for irrigation systems with drain recirculation and for systems that use pond water or rain water for irrigation. The disinfectant is created by electrolysis of tap water in combination with potassium chloride.

QEP Holland produces the following ECA unit models:
QEP ECA-50       50 ltr/hour ECA water for 25,000 to 50,000 ltr/hour irrigation water
QEP ECA-100  100 ltr/hour ECA water for 50,000 to 100,000 ltr/hour irrigation water
QEP ECA-200 200 ltr/hour ECA water for 100,000 to 200,000 ltr/hour irrigation water
QEP ECA-400 400 ltr/hour ECA water for 200,000 to 400,000 ltr/hour irrigation water

The QEP ECA-unit is a compact and user friendly machine. The heart of the machine consists of one or more electrolysis cells, developed by QEP Holland. The ECA unit is completely adjustable to the specific needs of the individual grower, thanks to the complete engineering of hardware and software by QEP Holland. The ECA unit is also very suitable for export because of its independence of water pressure and its low maintenance components.

  • Clean pipes free of biofilm
  • Kills off algae, bacteria and fungi
  • Affordable and harmless materials

  • Compact and reliable
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Very straightforward control

  • 7” widescreen touch panel, allowing the user to access the unit remotely by PC or mobile device
  • Perfectly compatible with the UV disinfection unit
  • Metering pumps and control systems can be integrated or combined as a stand-alone application

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