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At its core the mixing unit is a versatile and universal controllable conditioning unit to prepare the irrigation water for your crop. All mixing units are custom build to suit your situation best. The mixing units can be applied in direct irrigation to the field, whether you are using overhead sprinklers or drippers, or in indirect irrigation where the unit will be used to fill prepared stock tanks. In this case the irrigation to the field is done by means of pump units. A combination of both is also possible.

Due to the use of a large mixing tank on the mixing unit the acid has a long time to react and lower the pH to the desired level before going out to the field. The result is an accurate pH in the mixing tank and hardly any deviation of the pH at the crop. Both the pH and EC are kept perfectly on set point due to the large mixing tank and continues dosage.

We produce two standard mixing units; the QEP MX-XL and the QEP MX-XS. The QEP MX-XL is available in a range from 20 m³/hour up to 100 m³/hour, with accurate fertilizer solenoid valves or motorized dosing valves, double EC- and pH-sensors and an auxiliary pump to feed the venturi-injectors. Optional is an added venturi for safely transferring the acid from the jerrycan into the acid-tank. The QEP MX-XL is equipped with a basin pump to take the water from the basin to the mixing tank and an automatic cleaning filter to protect your sprinklers and drippers from blocking.

The QEP MX-XS is available from 5 m³/hour up to 30 m³/hour. The fertilizer is injected with a combination of venturi’s and solenoid valves. The double set of EC and pH-sensors guarantee a reliable measurement of the water inside the mixing tank.

  • Fully adjustable to your wishes and demands
  • Easily controlled by a climate computer
  • Proven to be effective and reliable; in the past years QEP Holland has supplied more than 100 mixing units to dealers and end-users around the world

  • Capacities from 5 m³/hour up to 100 m³/hour
  • Versatile
  • Accurate

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