Quality Liquid Feeds

- Model 15 base 3.0 - Optimizer



QLF Optimizer 15 base 3.0 is designed to provide supplemental nutrients needed in lactating cow TMR diets with a forage base of approximately 72:25 Haylage:Corn Silage

Product Features:

  • 15% crude protein, calcium-suspended liquid supplement.
  • Source of rumen-available protein from urea (NPN).
  • High sugar content provides carbohydrates for rumen fermentation.
  • Provides vitamins A-D-E, calcium, phosphorus, and trace minerals.

Product Benefits:

  • Supplies sugars and NPN protein for rumen fermentation resulting in increased microbial protein production and forage digestion.
  • Improved forage utilization allows more extensive use of farm-raised feedstuffs.
  • Enhances ration palatability, aids intake consistency, and reduces separation and ration sorting.
  • Convenient force-fed TMR application allows for precise nutrient and additive distribution and delivery.

Available Additives:

  • Please contact your QLF District Sales Manager for available nutrient additions.
  • Please refer to QLF’s Dairy Additives Brochure regarding availability of specialty additives through QLF Lactation Optimizer Products.

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