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- Model Nutristart 26 - Starting Feeder



QLF NUTRISTART 26 is a liquid supplement designed for starting feeder claves or stressed cattle being fed in confinement during the growing and finishing phases.

Product Features:

  • 26 percent crude protein.
  • Includes supplemental Calcium, Phosphorus & Salt.
  • Fortified with bioavailable forms of trace minerals and vitamins to promote good health and immune response.
  • Provides 100% NRC levels of vitamins and trace minerals when fed at recommended levels.
  • Contains recommended levels of Diamond V XPTM.
  • Xanthan Gum suspended liquid supplement.

Product Benefits:

  • Balances starter rations for feedlot cattle being adapted to grow/finish diets.
  • Improves ration palatability to encourage acceptance and intake.
  • Added sugars plus Diamond V XP Yeast Culture to enhance rumen function.
  • Reduces ration sorting for more consistent intake of nutrients & additives.
  • Improves feed utilization, allowing more extensive use of available feedstuffs.
  • Lowers feed to gain ratio through improved intakes & improved nutrient utilization to increase gains.
  • Conveniently force-fed in a bunk ration or TMR.

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