- Farm Lab Universal Diagnostic Analyzer


Lab-quality testing that results in healthier animals, improved food quality, and improved business process. QScout Farm Lab is a new on-farm diagnostic system that puts you and your employees in control of animal health and productivity. The QScout Farm Lab–when teamed with the QScout line of on-farm diagnostic tests– produces reliable data that you can act on. Its quick, quantitative, quality test results remove the guesswork from scouting for hidden infections that rob your profits.

  • Similar to point-of-care testing (POCT) administered by physicians at or near the site of the patient, Advanced Animal Diagnostics’
  • “Point-of-Cow” approach to diagnostics allows for quicker, accurate results that empower real-time management decisions.
  • With a QScout Farm Lab installed on your dairy, you empower employees to run tests and make animal care decisions in minutes instead of losing time and money waiting for central lab results. It displays simple color-coded test results that fit easily into on-farm protocols, and more detailed reports are available for download.
  • To ensure success, our professional staff provides training, implementation and ongoing support.

  • Early detection of infection matters. Consider that mastitis costs the U.S. dairy industry $2 billion annually, or about $200 per cow.
  • Finding and treating mastitis early can prevent production losses – especially important when cows are approaching peak lactation (Wilson, 2004). Milk production drops dramatically during the first three months after calving when a cow experiences a case of mastitis. This impact on early lactation milk production influences peak milk production and production for the remainder of that lactation – and typically into subsequent lactations.
  • With the data provided by the QScout line of on-farm diagnostics, you are empowered to precisely care for your animals – and prevent future losses.

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