- Model MLD - Milk Leukocyte Differential


QScout MLD (milk leukocyte differential) test identifies and differentiates leukocytes, or white blood cells, in milk. QScout Farm Lab reads the test, looking for elevated cell types and cell type ratios that indicate infection to calculate an accurate, quarter-level diagnosis.

Provides information that empowers producers to achieve:

  • Higher milk production
  • Lower Somatic Cell Count
  • Data management decisions
  • Increased cow longevity
  • Improved reproductivity
  • Judicious use of antibiotics

Unlike conventional testing the QScout MLD (Milk Leukocyte Differential) test:

  • Detects subclinical mastitis early
  • Provides rapid results
  • Tells you which udder quarter is infected
  • Does it all conveniently on the farm

Each white blood cell type plays a key role in fighting infection:

  • Lymphocytes and macrophages scout for pathogens
  • Neutrophils fight infection by engulfing bacteria and by releasing enzymes to kill bacteria
  • Macrophages engulf and digest cellular debris and pathogens

Key steps to conducting QScout MLD Test:

  • Collect quarter samples in a Q4
  • Snap on the QScout MLD slide, flip and tap
  • Insert the slide into the QScout Farm Lab
  • Let QScout provide results
  • Red means infected, green means not infected
  • Track your results online with QStats

As a member of the QScout Innovation Council, you will help shape QScout diagnostic technology. We value your honest feedback and suggestions, and consider your participation crucial to advancing our mission

Key benefits:

  • Help shape QScout diagnostic technology through your feedback, while gaining a competitive edge in milk quality and business process improvement
  • Receive “The Latest Findings” e-newsletter for technical updates, helpful tips, and customer information
  • Receive hands-on support from a QScout expert who will assist you every step of the way, from installation and training to record analysis and protocol refinement
  • Gain access to the data that informs real-time management decisions, including early trial results of new technology and the opportunity to partner in trials
  • Enjoy priority access to future QScout tests and offers

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