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TheNuhn Quad Train, a multiple axle spreader, is another innovation 'first' from Nuhn Industries. Since its introduction to the agricultural industry its simple and strong design had gained popularity in the marketplace, both for its low maintenance and its reliability.

Patented Nuhn Technology
The Nuhn Quad Train is designed as a single spreader. The axle locations, tongue length, frame and hitch all vary from a standard tank. This innovative design produces a large spreader that turns, backs up, and is easier to handle than a large single tank.


  • 1/4' tank
  • Unibody construction, solid welds inside and out
  • Full circle, tensioned baffles
  • Circular shaped tank keeps center of gravity low as opposed to a mushroom shaped tank with the center of gravity very high
  • 30' square hole with 12' riser
    • Larger and easier to hit rather than a circle fill port
    • One fill hole fills both tanks
  • Full light kit
    • Lights are to the outside of the tires and are designed to break away if they hit something
  • Three tank clean-out doors
  • In-tank wash system - garden hose hook up
  • Nuhn tanks are sandblasted to bare metal, removing the mill scale
    • Sandblasting is far superior to a chemical wash


  • Tandem Technology
    • The tandem has proved to be the best suspension system for offroad tankers, so why change it? The Nuhn Quad Train uses the tandem suspension system as opposed to a hydraulic suspension. A tandem is much stronger than a hydraulic system and it also reacts instantly as opposed to hydraulic suspension that must have oil transfer through small hoses.
  • Heaviest axles in the industry
    • The geometry and pivot points of the Quad are such that the rear tank follows in the exact track of the first tank. It will also turn in a tighter area than a large single tank.

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