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- Model 5m - Trailed Cultivator



A natural progression from the trailed press and sub-soilers, the Quad-Till has been developed to achieve a one pass cultivation system to reduce establishment costs. 5m Quad-Till - Hydraulic Fold to 2.95m, Front Depth Wheels, 2 Rows 510mm Discs (Sealed Bearings) (approx 75mm 3” deep), 9 Auto Reset Legs in V Formation (Hyd in/out of work) , Up to 15” 380mm Deep, Floatation Wheels, Hydraulic Brakes, 2 Rows VF Tines, Hyd in/out of work (3”-7” 75mm – 175mm), Hydraulic Level Board, 2 Rows of 600mm DD Rings c/w Adjustable Pitch (the DD frame and level board can be unhooked on a 3 point linkage to leave a cultivated finish if required), LED Road Lights, Toolboxes, All easily adjusted, Following Harrow, Strip Till Kit, Stocks Turbo Jet Wizard, Autolube on DD and Wheel Carriage and Drawbar, Marker Arms. Photos above are with and without seeder unit.

Standard features include

  • Front depth wheels
  • 2 rows of 510mm diameter rubber mounted discs
  • Hydraulic auto reset subsoil legs in a V formation c/w hydraulic in/out of work on the move
  • Large flotation transport wheels
  • 2 rows of vibro-flex tines c/w hydraulic inout of work
  • Hydraulic level board
  • 2 rows of 600mm DD rings which can be adjusted for angle and weight
  • LED Roadlights
  • Toolbox


  • 3 rows of vfm tines in lieu of 2 rows of discs
  • Quick fit knock on points
  • Single row of rings in lieu of double DD
  • Rear drawbar
  • Following harrow
  • Hydraulic markers
  • Broadcast kit for small seeds
  • Extra sub-soil legs if required
  • Strip Till Kit
  • Autolube on DD and Wheel Carriage and Drawbar
  • For different lay outs and other working components see 'Bespoke Quad-Till' page

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