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- Carbide Saw Teeth



Carbide Saw Teeth are required to help protect your Saw blade in the most abrasive conditions. The longer the carbide remains intact, the longer the tooth & Saw blade life. Our new Overlap-tip design is stronger where the tips come together, which translates to less carbide breakage and increased carbide life. Blow-by protection is the key to longer lasting saw blades. Our new Carbide Saw Teeth provide superior blow-by protection with increased tip strength. Start increasing the life of your saw blade today.

New Overlap-Beaver-tip Carbide Saw Teeth.

Our Overlap-Beaver-Tip Carbide Saw Tooth is also available for the toughest abrasive applications.

Steel Heat-Treated Beaver & Concave Saw Teeth

If your harvesting conditions do not require the use of carbide, your best buy is our steel heat treated teeth. They are made from high-grade alloy steel, heat treated to a high rockwell rating, while not being brittle. The efficiency of the Concave style still makes it highly popular where impacts are almost nonexistent. The Beaver style, with its straight edges, is much more durable than the Concave and keeps a better cutting edge longer. Tips can be re-sharpened right on the blade with a teeth grinder.

**The Q10233T now has its deepest and highest Rockwell rating ever for increased wear life, without being brittle.

Reversible Steel Saw Teeth.

Fully rotatable and reversible. Will double the life of the tooth. Reduce operating costs, as you double your tips for less than 1/3 more

Reversible tooth holder

Fully symmetrical to allow tooth to be mounted on either side. Will double the life of the holder. Will lower overall operating cost.

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