Northwest Marine Technology (NMT)

Quality Control Device (QCD)



The Quality Control Device (QCD) operates as an accessory to the MKIV Coded Wire Tag Injector. After the tag has been implanted by the MKIV injector, the operator drops the fish into the QCD where it flows through a tag detection tunnel. Tagged and untagged fish are automatically sorted through separate outlets. Counters record the quantity of tagged fish. An audible signal alerts the operator when a Mark IV Injector is cycled and the previously tagged fish was not detected by the QCD.

  • the QCD weighs about 40 pounds (18.1 kg), is 30 inches high (76.2 cm), 9 inches wide (24.1 cm) and 45 inches deep (1.1 m) when it is set up and ready to use
  • the QCD is constructed of high quality marine materials
  • the QCD operates through a cable connected directly to the MKIV Tag Injector
  • the QCD connects to standard hose fittings, with a water flow requirement of 3 gallons (11.4 l) per minute
  • the QCD can detect all sizes of NMT's magnetic tags, including half-length
  • lightweight components and folding legs make the QCD easy to transport; many of the plumbing connections use 'quick disconnect' fittings
  • a hard transit and storage case is provided
  • the QCD carries NMT's standard warranty and can be purchased or rented

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