Erie Structures

Quality Tobacco Curing Using New Generation Tobacco Equipment


In today's competitive, cost conscious world of tobacco farming, high efficiency is the only way to increase your profits. That's why more producers around the country turn to Erie Structures. They know what they can rely on our CLASSIC Tobacco Kilns (Barns) 'Energy' to save on labour costs, reduce energy consumption and cure tobacco to world-class standards.

Our CLASSIC Kilns (Barns) 'Energy' are built to the highest standards using only the finest quality materials with all painted stainless steel construction. The 2' tongue and groove, air tight and weather tight insulated panels are designed to withstand thermal rippling. Our CLASSIC Kilns (Barns) 'Energy' deliver consistent, positive air flow along with desired humidities and temperatures.

So, even in humid or difficult conditions, and regardless of stock positions, your tobacco quality is maximized every time.

Erie Structures boxes are the ideal size for curing consistency.

  • Heavy steel construction 
  • Completely insulated panels 
  • 390,000 BTU stainless steel heat exchanger 
  • Perforated galvanized steel flooring 
  • 1.5” thick ribbed insulated steel roof 
  • Positive air flow along with desired humidities and air flow

  • Gas or propane 
  • 7.5 HP motor  
  • Walls and doors are 2' insulated panels, galvanized and painted 
  • Roof made of 1.5' thick ribbed insulated panels 
  • Perforated galvanized steel flooring 
  • Double belt drive blower fan 
  • 390,000 BTU Erie Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger 
  • Riello Burner - Natural Gas or Propane 
  • Honeywell Airflow switch 
  • High limit thermostat 
  • Suretrol controller

Kiln sizes:

Overall length:

  • 42' 0' - 13 / 32' Boxes
    Overall width: 10' 3'
    Overall height: 9' 8'

  • Double poly and glass covered Tobacco greenhouses
  • Galvanized steel and aluminum construction
  • Designed and manufactured in our Tillsonburg facility
  • Designed to Canadian standards
  • Float and dry tray systems
  • Widths from 34-60 feet

  • Decloet style 32' tobacco bins complete with pins
  • Dip painted to ensure complete paint coverage of all surfaces
  • 2' x 2' x 3/16' welded wire meshing
  • 14 gauge end panels
  • 12 gauge cross members

  • 304 Stainless steel
  • 14 - 1 1/2' Dia. Stainless steel eddy current tested tubes
  • 15' Diameter firing tube
  • Front mount for Burner

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