- Grape Harvester


The Quantum Grape Harvester is the preferred harvesting tool on many California grape growers and custom grape harvester operators. Although it can be equipped with any picking mechanism, the trunk shaking Mantis is preferred. With its rated 36 inch side to side leveling capacity and 6 cylinder Cummins power plant it can operate in nearly any vineyard with 8 foot wide rows.

  • Frame Lift
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • Sealed Switches
  • Electric over Hydraulic Controls
  • Pressure Compensated Hydraulics
  • Quad Blowers
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Curtain Guards
  • Quick Release Belt Tensioners

  • Automatic Leveling
  • Row Finder
  • Turning Brakes
  • Tool Box
  • Cleated Pickup Belts
  • Cresent Pickup Belts
  • Demoger
  • Sorting Conveyor
  • Sidewinder
  • Tiltup
  • Rotary Pulsator
  • Mantis
  • Magnets
  • Auxiliary Rear Platform

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