Model Quantum Series - Tractors


The Quantum is equipped with a high-specification cab that gives you plenty of headroom. While the tractor is compact and narrow on the outside, you have lots of room on the inside. An ergonomic control layout and fully adjustable seat and steering wheel mean your body and mind are never under stress.

Perfect posture and healthy environment. The luxury seat and multi-angle steering wheel ensure you maintain a healthy posture. On cab models the front and rear windows open for fresh air ventilation. The Quantum ECO cab features air conditioning and active carbon filters to improve your comfort.

Easy to drive. The instrument cluster includes a performance monitor, an electronic tachometer, and features a combination of analogue and digital displays to give you a clear overview of the tractor’s status. Control levers and switches are positioned ergonomically, with advanced features adopted from larger Case IH tractors to make things easier for you. The LIFT-O-MATIC hitch control.

Reassuring handling. The relocated air conditioning system offers despite the surprising amount of headroom inside the cab, the Quantum actually has a relatively low clearance outside. The low centre of gravity ensures excellent handling on rough ground and especially on steep slopes when working along a hillside.

Excellent visibility and crop care. Toughened glass panels down to the floor provide excellent all-round visibility right down to the ground. In addition to making your work easier while hitching up implements, you also have a commanding view of your valuable crops. There are no protrusions or edges on the hood or cab that might snag on branches or shoots so the Quantum brushes past without damaging your crop.

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