- Model SAT 4-700 - Circular Saw Drum



Sawing quickly, easily & safely your round or split with QUATROMAT. Performance: Up to 60 cuts per minute! security No direct access to the blade. Easy adjustment. Setting the cutting length without tools or disassembly and change the speed of the drum and belt. Innovation 2 patents.

With a drum with 4 units, this saw can receive logs already split or roundwood. The drum leads to the pieces of wood against a carbide blade pieces that will be sawn to the desired length. Combining strength, ease of installation and use, the QUATROMAT is the perfect way to get a high return safely

  • SAT model 4-700
  • Production schedule Approximately 10/12 cubic meters / hour
  • PTO drive or Handset PTO / Electric (380V)
  • Type cutting blade Ø 700 carbide backstop
  • Drum rotation Forward / Reverse
  • Number of dwellings in the drum 4
  • Via specific and chip evacuation exit / Ability to mount a chip extractor
  • Adjusting the length of the song 25/33/50 cm + intermediate positions
  • Type of adjustment lever notched (no disassembly / no tools required)
  • Maximum diameter of 160 mm roundwood
  • Maximum diameter of wood half round 270 mm
  • Telescopic Hydraulic carpet avacuation
  • Length of the mat 5 Meters
  • Log-return YES / serial
  • Features carpet breakable strips of 80 cm
  •   Zinc-Plated Metal Tassaux
  •   Weight 670 - 800 kg
  •   Dimensions 2680 x 1593 x 2307 mm

  •  Vacuum sawdust
  •  Hour Meter

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