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The Quickfill bucket filler will fill up to 500 buckets or containers per hour. This compact machine can be moved easily and is ergonomic, in that stacks of buckets no longer need to be lifted manually. The QuickFill is a rugged and sturdily constructed machine.

Unique benefits

  • Ergonomic; no need to lift buckets
  • A unique filling system for accurate measuring
  • Fast processing of your flowers

User-friendly and ergonomic

The user-friendly, ergonomic Quickfill bucket filling system fills various kinds of packaging quickly and easily. All you have to do is slide the empty containers and buckets from the floor onto the lifting platform, after which the Quickfill ensures that each bucket is filled with water to the correct level. After the bucket is removed, the lifting platform moves the next bucket to the correct height to be filled. Because the bucket filler is mounted on wheels, the unit can easily be moved to wherever it is required.

Automatic filling without waste

The Quickfill's filling moves away automatically after filling, avoiding staining or scale marks on flowers and leaves caused by water drops. The bucket filler comes in either stainless steel or plastic and requires virtually no maintenance. The rugged and long-lasting construction makes this a safe and easy to operate machine.

Faster processing of your flowers

The Quickfill makes sure that there are always filled buckets ready for your flowers. Unwanted waiting times are avoided and processing can continue without interruption.

  • Maximum capacity: up to 500 buckets per hour, depending upon water quantities and pressure

  • For round buckets, max. diameter 33 cm

  • Also suitable for containers (max. 400 x 300mm)

  • Mounted on wheels for ease of movement

  • Optional integrated measuring pump for flower food 

  • In stainless steel or plastic

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