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QuickStix Combo for Cry1A & Cry2A in Cotton Leaf & Seed


Detects: Bollgard II in cotton; multiple traits in corn and cotton that contain Cry1A and/or Cry2A. Results In: 10 minutes or less. Formats: LS (full kit) Lateral flow membrane strips, 100 strips/kit, sealed in 2 desiccated reclosable plastic canisters; also includes 100 disposable tissue extractors (tube with punch cap and pestle). LSS (strips only), 50 strips/canister, no disposables. Matrix: Cotton leaf and seed tissue. LOD (Limit of Detection): presence or absence of Cry1A and/or Cry2A proteins. Reagents: Extraction Buffer (provided). Target Trade Names : Bollgard II (a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology). Analyte class: Cry1A and Cry2A proteins at the levels typically expressed by genetically modified corn or cotton leaf or single seed tissue.

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