- Quonset System



Due to the large mass of grain stored, it is not reasonable to expect the system to dry the grain.

The systems are used to aerate (1/10 CFM per bushel) the grain, cooling it down and preventing overheating or spoilage. These systems can also be used to maintain the mass of grain until it can be properly dried. With the large masses of grain stored in Quonsets, even 10% of spoiled grain can mean large financial losses.

Grain Guard's Helfer Duct Quonset systems can be run in a straight line down the center, or can be designed (see picture at right) to serve your specific needs. By indicating to us the size of your storage building and the product to be aerated, we can custom design your system to work for you.

All duct systems have inner structural strength to withstand large volumes of grain and are easily assembled and disassembled.

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