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Model R-Series - Tunnel Detectors



The Rectangular Tunnel Detectors are the largest of Northwest Marine Technology's complement of detectors. The Rectangular Detectors accommodate large, single fish such as salmonids approaching 50 pounds; the continuous flow of fish such as pollock or herring; or batches of fish such as bushels of shrimp or scallops. The detection capabilities of the rectangular technology are superior to any other detector ever produced.

  • The R8000 weighs 64 pounds, is 15 1/2inches wide, 11 7/8 inches high and 41 3/8 inches long. The tunnel's inside dimension is 4 inches x 7 7/8 inches.
  • The R95000 weighs 98 pounds, is 17 1/8 inches wide, 13 inches high and 48 1/2 inches long. The tunnel's inside dimension is 4 5/8 x 9 1/2. 
  • Rectangular Detectors are designed to be rugged while still being lightweight and performing as a precision instrument. A protective transit case is an available option for the R8000.
  • Collapsible aluminum tubular legs can be fitted on either model. 
  • Rectangular Detectors are designed to detect tagged fish moving through the unit within a range of speeds, chosen to accommodate fish sliding down an angled tube under the influence of gravity. A tagged fish is indicated visually via an LED and audibly by a beeper. 
  • Rectangular Detectors can also drive additional instruments such as gates, beepers or lights. 
  • An available option for the Rectangular Detectors is a bolt-on diverter gate for use when sampling single fish such as salmon. Both the detector or the gate can be powered by either batteries or external power. A gate on either model adds approximately 13 inches to the length.

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